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Show Discussion / Re: Let's start some 2020 threads
« Last post by Vinyl.Score on August 21, 2020, 04:19:22 PM »
Hi I'm Dennis

Show Discussion / Re: Let's start some 2020 threads
« Last post by fonpr on August 20, 2020, 10:11:16 AM »
I did, kids.
Show Discussion / So Far...
« Last post by fonpr on August 20, 2020, 10:09:45 AM »
I listened to Episode Zero.

I think the show has potential.

Anyone listen all the way through?
I came to the show very, very late in the FMU run (2013), and I remember the sound collages evolving from Tom playing cicada chirping over Frankie Teardrop. IIRC, the podcast would drop a lot later than we're used to it now (thanks Dudio), and I'd make it my Friday commute tradition to listen to the week's show, pause whenever the show reached the sound collage (if there was one), then save the rest of the episode for when I got home and could enjoy the collage with some herbal refreshment.
I think that's right - the transition between hilarious characters into world-building was a big moved for the show.

One thing I learned relatively recently - the Star Wars caller was none other than famed director/Scharpling exciser Peyton Reed!
General Discussion / FOT's in Albany, NY
« Last post by federationofideas on August 09, 2020, 05:16:35 PM »
Hello there!  Great to see that the board is back!!!

I just ran into a local FOT but we were at a light and didn't get to exchange contact info.  If you happen to read this, it would be great to meet up and chat (again).

Any other FOT's live up here??
The invention of Newbridge is what changed all of it, because it gave the characters some place to exist, and the town itself became a character with all the neighborhoods (Newbridge Mews, Newbridge Flats, Newbridge Commons, "the Docks", etc.) And it wasn't planned out and it grew organically, call after call. The "Best Show" became a different show because of it -- I can't see any of H. Jon Benjamin's brilliant characters (the Smirnoff Ice exec; Rick, the white son of George Benson; the Star Wars informant/disgruntled ex-employee; the guy who can only sing "Captain Jack" for his Billy Joel appreciation act; various others) living in the same town, but Wurster makes it work, and the lore of Newbridge fills out the gaps, makes the town a "real" place. I can't buy Timothy von Trimble by himself, but I could buy him riding past on a mouse that has a tiny opera cape.
Show Discussion / Re: Double Threat: Not the Best Show, but....
« Last post by Krokodil_Gena on August 06, 2020, 10:34:24 PM »
"Callers probably should have been banned in 2008, or, when it went off WFMU, or when 90% of callers knew the schtick?"

Totally disagree -- the random element of callers make the show interesting, you don't know what you will get. No callers, no E-Cigs for Legs, no Fredericks, no Jason from Huntsville, no Avalanche Bob (RIP), no AP Mike. "Double Threat" is a podcast, not a streamed show working under radio rules like the "Best Show" -- they can edit it a million different ways, make jokes hit better, etc., but it lacks the possibilities of outsiders coming in and blowing everything up like when Andrew "Dice" Clay called the "Best Show" three years ago. The Klausner-Scharpling podcast is just a different beast -- it works, but it is its own thing.
Show Discussion / Double Threat: Not the Best Show, but....
« Last post by mostlymeat on August 03, 2020, 06:25:13 PM »
I love Double Threat. It's all-Tom, all-the-time. And Julie. But also Tom! Callers probably should have been banned in 2008, or, when it went off WFMU, or when 90% of callers knew the schtick? Double Threat is all riff, no schriff!

Pros: it's all Tom! And Julie.

Cons: it's so short. I love the idea of Tom, stuck in a room for 3 hours - long form explorations! Also it's edited, which is so strange after all these hours of quiet moments.

In conclusion, I love Tom's new podcast Double Threat, check it out. 
For those of you who've listened to the archives, what have you learned about the show that you didn't know before? What arcs or calls or bits stand out?

For me, it's that the show evolved as it did. For the first two years, I hadn't realized how much it was a NY/NJ-centric call-in show, with Jon Wurster or Andy Earles or Jon Benjamin calling in to take it to another place. There were some brilliant things even then, like the Billy Joel tribute shows and Tom offering to fight all the other DJs, but also a lot of calls where people wanted him to find them a girlfriend/boyfriend. He weaves things together well from the start.

Starting about 2003, though, you can hear Tom moving more and more from a gifted call-in show DJ to someone who can use the format to do just about anything.

He's underrated as an interviewer, but some of those 2003 book guests, hoo boy.
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