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I reviewed Terminator Genisys
« on: July 14, 2015, 04:40:26 PM »,manual

The TLDR of this article is that I love the Terminator series in direct correlation with how much Sarah Connor is in the movie.  She is the human element that makes all the robot fighting meaningful and I avoided the last two movies because she was absent (so was Schwartzeneggar from the last one).  It admittedly took the casting of Matt Smith to get my interest back, and I was not disappointed in his performance which also added a human element to the story through an inhuman behavior from an actor who's known for being heroic and good-hearted in his past roles.

It may not be as violent as past Terminator movies.  There's not a scene of Arnold ripping the flesh off his arm, though the arm is wrecked anyway like it always is.  Mostly guns and chases and bombs.  The strength is in the reversing of all character relationships.  Which is simple as a reboot strategy except that time travel is involved so now there are an infinite number of consequences for each character choice in this movie.

I didn't mention how annoying it is that this new film is being judged according to its marketing and what other movies are out right now instead of what is actually in the story and how entertaining it is.  I managed to spoil one twist with my own speculation but the one supposedly ruined by the trailer was still fresh for me.  Better than Judgement Day?  It's not as self contained.  It depends on other movies and even on the content of movies we haven't seen yet.  It has no hope of bringing in the kids who did not grow up with Judgement Day.  But if you did grow up with the first two films, it's more of that and more of Judgement Day in particular.

The only way the series is letting me down is that the humans always use the same guns and bombs to kill the robots.  Weapon strategies only change for the robots, yet somehow I still think the humans are clever because of their random escape paths and feelings. 
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