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Aaron from Chicago

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« on: July 23, 2019, 11:46:55 PM »
In tonight's episode I called in and said I'd never forgive Tom if he cancelled the show, as a bit. I thought it would be kind of funny since everyone else was being supportive and reasonable to just go totally over the top petulant about it. I was trying to be kind of deadpan with it so the contrast between with what I was saying would give away that it was a joke, but it fell flat. So I just wanted Tom to know that I do think it's his prerogative if he needs to take a break, obviously. If anybody reading this can tell him, I'd appreciate it.

Edit: Nevermind I talked to the producer about it and he said he'd let Tom know. I might be overreacting but Tom's had it so rough lately that I was stricken with guilt just from the possibility I might've added to that in a small way.