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« on: September 29, 2007, 04:53:18 AM »
I really wish I thought of this first...the comments from all the bait-taking YouTube dimwits are almost as funny as the videos themselves:


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Re: Shredders...
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ROFL!  Truly great!  Actually I like the way this guy plays. 
Check out the Eric Clapton.  He's way better. 
But the applause on the Van Halen was the funniest part.

Thought I'd post another Eddie Van Halen shred session.  Look at his face as he keeps playing.  By the end of it he starts to look like a monster.  If his face was green he'd look like the Hulk.  Having to do this night after night must get really tiring after a while.  I got tired watching just a few seconds of it.


Here's some updated shredding I really like.  It goes on for 10 minutes, really obscene.