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I committed a typing mistake and realized that the URL appears to be untaken, not surprisingly.  Sounds promising.  Any ideas? 

A.M. Thomas

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The official homepage of Glenn Danzig's mayubernatorial candidacy.

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Breakfast- I'm havin' a time
Wheelies- I'm havin' a time
Headlocks- I'm havin' a time
Drunk Tank- not so much a time
George St.- I'm havin' a time
Brenda- I'm havin' a time
Bingo- I'm havin' a time
House Arrest- I'm still havin' a time


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who would wanna be an enemy of tom?  I can't believe that site exists...  but what I REALLY can't believe is that Geocities is actually still hosting websites!


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I obviously hope this never happens, but if the show should ever take a popularity plunge, is available.
I'll probably go into the wee hours.