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Maybe That Guy's Right About Bill Murray
« on: October 16, 2006, 09:37:04 AM »
Who's this guy think he is? He's either confusing his roles with his real life, or he's stealing Andy Kaufman's schtick. How long does a comedian have to be dead before his material becomes open for other entertainers?

 Bill Murray attends student party, does dishes

Bill Murray created a small sensation in the Scottish town of St. Andrews, joining Scandinavian students at a late-night party and even helping to wash the dishes, a newspaper reported Sunday.

In the movie "Lost in Translation," Murray plays a lonely middle-aged actor in Japan who befriends a young American woman and goes partying with her.

And in what The Sunday Telegraph said was life imitating art, the 56-year-old Murray joined up with 22-year-old Norwegian student Lykke Stavnef, who took him to a house where a student party was in full swing.

"Nobody could believe it when I arrived at the party with Bill Murray," Stavnef, a social anthropology student, was quoted as saying. "He was just like the character in 'Lost in Translation."'

The newspaper reported that Murray met Stavnef at a bar where he was drinking with fellow golfers after playing in the October 5-8 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in St. Andrews with other actors.

To Stavnef's surprise, Murray accepted her invitation to a party and accompanied her and her friend to a party, the newspaper said.

She said she was first concerned when the apartment had no clean glasses left, but that Murray was happy to drink vodka from a coffee cup and also helped wash dishes in the cramped kitchen.

The Sunday Telegraph article was accompanied by a photograph that appears to show Murray, dressed in a checkered shirt and a brown vest, washing a metal pot at the sink.


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Re: Maybe That Guy's Right About Bill Murray
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2006, 09:51:21 AM »
Hey British people: Warm up your scanners. I need to see this shit.