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Looking for an Editor
« on: November 17, 2008, 03:51:49 PM »
Hey all,

I'm looking for help with a project that I've been working on for the last year. We're in a rut with this and I'm running out of options, so I'm turning to this talented pool of people and hopefully one of you will be able to help.

I'm making a documentary about couples who play in bands together. Married, dating, ex's... the movie is about the process of creating music with a partner and how it changes the dynamic within the band. So far, the bands that we've got committed and have started working with are Psychic TV, Theo and the Skyscrapers, and The Brunettes.

My partner and I started this last year and filmed a couple of shows and started interviews, but our Editor let six months go by before telling us that he couldn't work on this. In the meantime, everything backed up and nothings been digitized, so we can't see what we've shot or decide how to proceed with follow-up interviews. We're at a stand-still. Everythings out-of-pocket right now, so we can't pay much, but I am more than willing to compensate for time.

If any of you are Editors and have time to give us a hand, send me a PM through the forum and I'll give you the details.