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Ted Leo + Mekons !?
« on: December 31, 2008, 07:43:14 PM »
The Live Audio Archive has a Mekons show from last year with Ted Leo guesting on two songs (Will Oldham, Kelly Hogan and others also appear:

Set list:

The Mekons at Mutiny 10-12-07

Recorded by Aadam Jacobs

1 intro
2 Never Been in a Riot
3 Millionaire
4 Burning (with Martin ?)
5 Where Were You (with Ted Leo)
6 Corporal Chalkie (with Ted Leo)
7 The Building
8 Fletcher Christian (with Will Oldham and Kelly Hogan)
9 Beaten and Broken (with Will Oldham and Kelly Hogan) -- Gogo Para Presidente excerpt (with Barry Mills)
10 I Love Apple (with Barry Mills)
11 Big Zombie
12 Fantastic Voyage (with Uncle Dave)
13 Hard to be Human
14 Heaven and Back (with Chris Mills)
15 Curse (with Tracy Dear)
16 Memphis, Egypt