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Dec. 16th 2008 Vice Magazine Interview with Mr. Chi City

Famous on the internet isn't famous-famous. There's no million dollar book deal or fire-side chats with Oprah, but if views were dollars, MrChiCity3 would be richer than you. They're not, and he probably isn't because he told us he works as a temp, but you get the idea. You've already seen "Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women" which got a bazillion hits. One of the good things about internet celebrities is that you can just call them up and say hi, so that's what our intern Patrick did and he got his ear talked off! Interview after the jump.

Vice: So why'd you start making videos?

Mr. ChiCity3: What happened was, in 2000, my homeboy goes to jail. Something silly. Right place;wrong time, blah blah blah, average black life type of stuff. He hit me up one day like, "Can you send me some pictures?" He hadn't been to Chicago in years, so he wanted some pictures of what's going on. I was like, I'll do you one better: I'll post a Youtube video about my car. People don't really know, but my first video was me and my Chevy talking about the whip game proper.

So I guess he liked the video?

Yeah. So he hits me up, literally a day later, like, 'Yo, all my homeboys liked your video. If you can keep posting and keep us abreast of what's going on in Chicago...' So I was like, alright, that's cool.

Do the girls you sleep with know about your videos? Probably a million other people have seen them, so you'd think they might.

Some of them do. I've never took nothing too seriously, but they're really getting into this internet celebrity. To them, they think I'm important.

What drink do you give out the most?

Real talk, ever since I moved to the suburbs, it's the damn Snapples. I can't keep them in the fridge!

Where do you work?

I work a regular old job.

So what are your favourite spots in Chicago?

Man, okay. Madison Street, 'cause everything pops off there. You know, it's the hood. I like going downtown cause it gives me an idea of what life could be if a motherfucker got on his shit one hundred. Carson's ribs, JJ's fish, and this place called Mr. G's because they got women in there for the low low.

Why do you keep your face out of the video?

One, I feel like if no one knows who I am, I can be real with out consequences. I don't have to fake, I don't have to change, I can tell you what's really going on. But the main reason is, if you don't know who I am in terms of my face, for some odd reason, you are forced to listen to my words.

Are you attractive?

Oh, I'm a cute motherfucker!  Real talk, I'll be a hundred with you. But people are tired of seeing these dudes with money and expensive shit talking about what they do. We don't want to hear about that shit anymore. We want to hear what regular guys do.  People watch because they think to themselves. "He's one of us:  he watches internet porn, and he likes eating Pizza Hut, and sometimes he plays video games all night long, and sometimes just because I'm desperate for it I may go hit up a 380 lb chick and I won't tell

No. I imagine not. So what's next for you? You should write a show.

Write a show? I'll be real. Some people off  NBC, want me to do a video for them. These people  at TBS talking about  doing a pilot. I'm thinking everybody's bullshitting me, these talent agencies, C Entertainment, Crenshaw, all these people want something. They want a dude to write, but the reality is dawg, I'm not really the best writer.

You could try.

I'm just a regular everyday dude, I'ma keep it on Youtube straight one hundred. Everybody's telling me to get a TV show, but the reality is I'm not that dude. Who you see on that camera, who you're talking to right now, is the real man. You know what I'm saying? I'm just gonna keep it right here.

I'm not a chicken,  you're a turkey.

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Wow, I just watched about eight of those.  Hilarious!  This one's my favorite.