Author Topic: The New Pornographers name origin (from HHOP No. 30)  (Read 2431 times)


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The New Pornographers name origin (from HHOP No. 30)
« on: August 09, 2016, 03:46:01 AM »
Carl Newman said this to Chart Attack in 2010:

...."That [Swaggart quote] came after the fact," says Newman. "Somebody told me that and I though it was so good that I was going to make it my new story.

"The truth of it is, I've always liked the Japanese movie The Pornographers... It's a mid '60s movie. I was so fascinated by the word pornographer it just seemed like a weird word to me. It seemed like such a clinical word to describe what it is.

"[Also], Dan [Bejar], at around the same time, had a song called 'The Pornographers,' that was on the first Destroyer record.

"I also always loved the name The New Seekers. I always thought it was a ridiculous name. There were the original Seekers and then a few years later, a completely different band showed up and they called themselves The New Seekers. I really liked the 'New.'

"Somehow, in my head one night, it just became The New Pornographers. Before we'd written any songs before we were a band I thought, 'We're going to be a band and we're going to be called The New Pornographers.' "