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Calling All Cartoonists
« on: November 10, 2009, 09:57:59 AM »
from Holmes at the

Iím guessing that there are a fair amount of comickers who follow our liíl site, and Iíd like to ask a favor of them. Iíve got a board game that Iíve designed, and Iím looking for some spot illustrations for the cards. There are 45 cards to illustrate, so Iím looking for as many folks to contribute as I can find. Do one card, do five, anything you can contribute would be appreciated and will really help!

Catches? Oh, Iíve got a handful of catchesÖ Firstly, thereís no money in this deal. Iím looking for folks who love to draw, who love old stuff, and who love Barnacle Press. Next, I need these illustrations by this coming Monday, the 16th of November, one week from this very moment! Iím heading to the wonderful BoardGameGeek.con convention next Wednesday, and I need to assemble my game to bring along.

The upside? Well, I think that any follower of this site will find the subject matter to their liking. It should really be a lot of fun to draw these things, and Iím just looking for black and white cartoon portraits of people. No wild action, no backgrounds. The end result will be a Creative Commons licensed, free print Ďní play board game that will be available here at Barnacle Press. And a plus: itís actually a really fun game!

If youíd be interested in lending your pen to my cause, drop me a line with a link to your work, and Iíll send you a link with more information: my name is Holmes, this site is Iíll wager you can figure out my email addressÖ