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jean shepherd podcast
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:23:32 AM »
hey fans of jean shepherd can get radio shows from the arly 50's to late 70's on a podcast at itunes= the podcast is the " The Brass Figaglee" also check out for those not familiar with shepherd he was an originator of talk radio(not a call in show) his show were monologues and he was a great storyteller. he wrote a number of books and his short stories and essays appeared regulary in playboy. he's probably best known now as the writer and narrator of " a christmas story" if you listen to the radio shows and don't like the first couple try a few more- there was a lot of hit and miss as he was on the air for 30 years. i don't know if the guys who do the "night people" show at wfmu are fans of his; jean shepherd used the term night people and had "the royal order of night people" as a regular bit on his shows. i also don't know if tom is aware of shep or ever listened in his youth- i'd love to hear his take on jean shepherd-they have a bit in common. anyway let me know what you all think of this stuff


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Re: jean shepherd podcast
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I'm a huge fan of Shep, and have enjoyed The Brass Figlagee very much. As for Tom's take on him, there was a discussion about this on the Dear Tom sub-forum a while back:,5097.0.html a potentially explosive collection of verbal irritants