Author Topic: Duplicate premiums from the mini-marathon  (Read 1506 times)


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Duplicate premiums from the mini-marathon
« on: January 28, 2010, 10:03:12 PM »
So, I finally got my packages containing the mini-marathon premiums from WFMU in the mail today. That's right, I said packages. Plural. I got two sets of the premiums I ordered (minus the Prank Patrol calendar, which apparently is on back order) for some reason, and as awesome as it all is, I'm fairly sure I don't need two sets of them. I try to be a Good Guy, though, and instead of trying to sell this stuff on the black market, what I would rather do is sell them to someone who wasn't able to donate during the marathon, and then donate the money from the sale to WFMU. I'll even eat any Paypal and shipping charges. Here's what all I got:

1 Best Show t-shirt, men's medium
1 WFMU bear thing t-shirt, also men's medium
1 copy of The Worst of LCD
1 copy of "Best Show Uncovered Vol. 1"
1 copy of "Cherry Blossom Clinic presents: Idiot Box"
1 copy of "Corn Cob of Digital Desire", Station Manager Ken's MP3 cd premium

I'm hoping this is kosher, and I'll forward copies of the receipt of the donation to whoever buys this so they know I'm on the level. I don't know what would be a reasonable price to ask for this, though, so I'm open to whatever offers anyone wants to throw out there.

EDIT -- never mind, I just talked to Joe, and he asked me to send the duplicate stuff back. Oh well!