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The Specials April 20 2010 Terminal 5
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:31:37 PM »
This is the show I've been waiting for since 1979. That was the last time the Specials played in NYC. It was at the Hotel Diplomat if I'm not mistaken. I missed that show. They went and broke up in the early 80's and I thought I'd never see them live.

The Specials were responsible for introducing a whole generation to the upbeat sound of ska. The sound was so lively and amazing it made me want to investigate the origins of their sound. They showed this Brooklyner a whole new world of Jamaican Ska and yet their sound was irresistible.

Well here it is 2010 and out of the blue the original Two Tone boys decide to tour. I am very happy.
The Specials are a powerhouse of a band and they roared through all the great songs that have hard wired into my psyche for the past 31 years.
Too Much Too Young, Monkey Man, Ghost Town, Stupid Marriage, Enjoy Yourself, Night Club, Do The Dog, and so much more.

There was the on stage antics of Judge Roughneck and the rude boy.

The Specials exuded so much energy on stage it was amazing. I was exhausted after the show.
And they looked great, like they hadn't aged a day since the Two Tone days.

Thank you Specials. You have made this old punk very happy.

To see the entire album go here:




Enjoy Yourself


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Re: The Specials April 20 2010 Terminal 5
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I'm glad they are still wonderful.