Author Topic: The bookend to my awkward teaching moment recounted on the M&T Show  (Read 1452 times)

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It's the day of the final exam in Intro to Stats, and typical of me, I am rushing to complete the writing and copying of the exam just before it is scheduled to begin.

So it's down to the wire, and I wind up practically running to class to get the test started on time. The layout of the building is an almost weirdly thinly stretched rectangle. Classes and offices are all on two very long halls, probably 180 feet in length, but the other ends of the rectangle contain no doors, and are just long enough to allow room for the interior offices, maybe 35-40 feet. My office and the copy machine are on the opposite long hallway from the site of the exam.

I am RUNNING to the classroom, down the long hallway, and take a left at the short hallway. Students are gathered in front of the locked classroom on the other long hallway, so as I come down the short hallway, I can't see any students, but I can hear them chattering. They are all just around the corner, clustered, waiting to enter the classroom.

My mind's a thousand miles away, and this filters into my consciousness; "I wonder if it would help if I gave him a blow job" and several girls laugh, and I turn the corner, literally bumping into the girl who said it, and it's not until then that it dawns on me; this young girl is one of my students, she's failing the course, and what she said was a nervous joke to her pals about what it might take for me to give her a passing grade, and within a second of her getting the joke out, while her pals are giggling, we are literally nose to nose. She gets this uncomfortable sheepish look, and all I can do is mutter something about how she would have to get permission from my wife before we could begin negotiations. Or that's what I tried to say. What I think I actually said was "uhhh, bett, ummm, my wife won't probably, uhhhh, buh."

No jobs were blown, and she passed the course with a C for another professor the next semester.


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Re: The bookend to my awkward teaching moment recounted on the M&T Show
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What a sad ending!
See God, Kai