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Tonight's show lit a bulb in my head. Several bulbs. One was I just found which is the encyclopedic home to fake bands. There are glaring omissions (The Mighty Boosh being one--unless they are a real band?!?!) And whatever the current name of Super Hans' band is.

I wonder if we should endeavor to try to get entries for all the Newbridge related bands in there. I like the idea of the website. But I also like the discrete all-encompassing nature of Newbridgeology--people who haven't listened to the archives or bought the CDs shouldn't know about Mother 13 and Bob Bogle jr. and the adVentures (one of my personal favorites.) There's some literary term where a universe is created and immerses the reader (or listener or viewer)--such as the world of Harry Potter, or the early Star Wars or Springfield and therefore endeavoring to bring encyclopedicalize all the Newbridge and BS-related bands would seem almost sacrilege. Although perhaps, there should be some entries, such as Kenny Dupree.

And it would be another way to seed Best Show esoterica...

Or just talk about your favorite fake bands in the best show or elsewhere.
I can hear you judging me.