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Hot Dog Island
« on: February 12, 2011, 12:18:54 AM »

This is one of my favorite things in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

There's a company that has a tubing course near New Hope.  The best thing about this is "Hot Dog Island" which sits in the middle of the river. It's essentially a giant rock pile in the middle of the Delaware that has a hot dog shack/grill on it. This seems pretty unsanitary to me since it literally lies between two states, unless the Delaware River Port Authority has some sort of food safety board.

I went tubing there last summer. On the bus ride up, the people associated with the tubing company warned everyone to NOT get food from Hot Dog Island. But the proprietor of Hot Dog Island drove around in a motorboat circling around people going tubing trying to convince them to go to Hot Dog Island. It was really confusing.

(I ended up not going to Hot Dog Island but only because I got caught in a pretty strong current and couldn't make it to that rocky shore.)

It appears from this website, though, that the rivalry between the Delaware River Tubing Company and the owner of Hot Dog Island has ended.
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