Author Topic: "The Internet Strikes Back"(House to vote to take away net neutrality authority)  (Read 1215 times)


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Hello, FOTs.

Pretty soon, the Republican House is going to vote to take away the FCC's authority to pass net neutrality rules.  If this "Congressional Review Act" action then passes the Senate--and there are possibly enough conservative Democrats for it to do so--it's not clear if the President is willing to veto the measure.

Again, if it passes, it means the FCC can't pass any kind of net neutrality rules at all--the vote is technically about the FCC's recent rules, which aren't that great, but a Review Act vote takes away the FCC's power to pass anything even similar.

My job is organizing this campaign about the matter.

And I 'd appreciate it if you check it out.

(sorry about the really nerdy Star Wars stuff, but consider the audience).

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Thanks, yesno. Net Neutrality is a really important issue to me and your post has finally spurred me to write to my representative.


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I've got to screw up the energy to do this.

later . . .  E-mail sent.

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It's too bad Barbershop Punk (which I've yet to see) doesn't look like it'll even be released in any accessible form until after this whole thing is settled if ever.  This played at sxsw 2009.  Why it's never been released is beyond me.