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Megan (that's me!) in NYC March 15-23rd
« on: March 06, 2011, 12:57:11 PM »

This is my first time starting a thread on any board ever.  So of course it will be all about me...wanting to see you.  I don't call in to the Best Show because of my toilet mouth and shyness but some of you may follow me on the twitter (@btof) or are friends with me on the facebook or perhaps saw my ugly mug that the lovely Lisa Jane Persky captured in her FOTo collection.  If we are not connected on some social media, feel free.  I love me some FOTs.

I'll be back in NYC from March 15-23rd for an arts conference and I'd like to attempt to hang out with as many of you as possible.  I am thinking about the Morgan Murphy show at Carolines on March 16th.  Only $17 but requires a two overpriced drink minimum which is lame but Morgan's worth it.  Also, definitely planning on queuing up for Eugene Mirman's Sunday show in Brooklyn on the 20th at my old haunt, Union Hall.  Depending on when my conference lets out and when we have to stand in line, I'm going to lobby for dinner before or after Mirman's event at Bogota where they have divine goat cheese empanandas and something called the Sangrita. 

Also, Esther Crow is playing with her band, The Electric Mess, at Arlene's Grocery on 3/19 which I'm planning on going to.  She's the other darling cross dresser from Tom's Moves video in addition to Ted Leo.  Let me know if there are any other comedy or music gigs I should check out.  The Pogues/Titus gig is a bit too expensive especially considering that Terminal 5 venue is the pits.  Otherwise I'd love to hear other suggestions

I'm also going to go see some plays.  If that interests you, let me know.  My Artistic Director has something in NYC right now called These Seven Sicknesses that I will definitely be checking out.  It's a long performance but they also serve yummy vegan food.  I know it isn't something everyone will enjoy because it is lengthy but I have never been disappointed by his work.

I'm pretty excited.