Author Topic: The Cars At Roseland Ballroom NYC, 5/23/11  (Read 1167 times)


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The Cars At Roseland Ballroom NYC, 5/23/11
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The Cars played tonight at Roseland. Their performance was fine. They performed a good amount of hits starting out with Let the Good Times Roll and finishing up with Just What I Needed a lot in between including numbers from their new album Move Like This. There are actually some good songs on that including a little jem called Blue Tip.
I hadn't seen the Cars in years. The last time I saw them they were opening for Cheap Trick at the Palladium touring behind their first album. I wrote a review of that show for a Brooklyn College paper in which I paraphrased the Rolling Stone saying "I have seen the future of rock and roll and it is the Cars and Cheap Trick."
Was I far off?
A word about the venue, Roseland. It was packed from wall to wall making for a fairly unpleasant experience. Standing in the middle of a sea of humanity, hot as hell, with people weaving all around just sux. When the audience becomes a distraction because they are in your face or on top of your feet it just becomes a drag. My guess is that Roseland oversold.
There are better venues, I would have rather have seen The Cars at Radio City or The Beacon. Sue me, I'm old and I like to sit through my shows.