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Volcano Suns spotlight on KUSF-In-Exile - archive link!
« on: July 21, 2011, 04:10:05 PM »
DJ Carolyn Keddy and I recently hosted a 2-hour long VOLCANO SUNS extravaganza on KUSF-in-Exile.  In addition to the cavalcade of album hits and deep cuts, there's also a bunch of rare, never-before-heard, unreleased live and outtake Suns material woven into the mix.  Volcano Suns fanatics and newcomers alike are gonna get their socks knocked by this radio spotlight which should be of special interest to all Best Show listeners since, as many of you know, it's one of Tom's most favorite bands as well.

The archive of the the Volcano Suns spotlight can be heard here:

Thanks for listening!!!

-Anthony & Carolyn


Batten down the hatches and join deejays Carolyn K. & Tony B. for a 2-hour retrospective on Boston’s almighty VOLCANO SUNS!!

Formed in 1983 by ex-Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott (and including an ever-evolving lineup of guitarists and bassists including Gary Waleik, Steve Michener, Jon Williams, Jeff Weigand, Chuck Hahn, Bob Weston, and Dave Kleiler) VOLCANO SUNS dominated the boards for nearly eight years with six albums of blistering hard-charging rock party jams, a patented gang-style vocal attack, stick-in-your-craw flypaper melodies, and a scathing wit. TESTIFY!

This not-to-be-missed audio super-spectacular will cover the band’s 1984-1991 reign of albums, singles & comp tracks, plus cuts from a recently unearthed treasure trove of unreleased and never-before heard rarities and live recordings!!​Volcano_Suns​s​ts/volcano%20suns

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Re: Volcano Suns spotlight on KUSF-In-Exile - archive link!
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2011, 09:34:04 PM »
Awesome, thanks. I love the Volcano Suns.

And by the way, all FOT should follow Anthony on Twitter at @Folder_Rock. You will love it.
Oh, good heavens. I didn’t realize. I send my condolences out to the rest of the O’Connor family.