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Bayonne quote for you
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“Prison sucked. But at least no one gave me trouble. One inmate, though, tried the first day I got there. He said that if I bought him cigarettes every week, I wouldn’t get hurt. Obviously, he didn’t know who I was, or else he wouldn’t have said such a stupid thing. So, by way of introduction, I slapped him across the face, jammed his head against the cell bars, and threw him around for a while. We became good friends after that.” - Chuck Wepner


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Re: Bayonne quote for you
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Peter: [as the rigged blimp carrying the muscle man floats away] Well, there he goes.
Davy: Yeah, where's that uh der-uh... der-uh blimp headed for?
Peter: [almost comically] Bayonne, New Jersey.
Davy: Bayon-Bayonne, New Jer-? You know, I used to have a girlfriend in Bayonne, New Jersey.
Peter: Anything like the Secaucus girls?
Davy: [nonchalantly] No, I don't know, her name was MaryAnn.