Author Topic: TBSOWFMU Fantasia In Best Show Minor - HELPZ!  (Read 1857 times)


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TBSOWFMU Fantasia In Best Show Minor - HELPZ!
« on: July 07, 2011, 10:07:35 PM »
F's of T,

A relatively new friend of mine was kind enough to lend me his copy of the BS 2010 Premium DVD...
Shortly after putting it in my DVD player, I heard a scrappity boom blast, and the DVD wouldn't read.
I had to power off the DVD player and power back up in order to get it out.
It's now all scratched to hell, and unplayable. :( :( :(  I didn't even get to watch it.
I'm trying to do everything I can in my power to prevent having to tell him my DVD player destroyed his BS DVD premium that he's waited over a year for.
Is there anyone out there in FOT land willing to sell their copy for a healthy donation to WFMU, or trade a fresh copy for something?

Please send me a PM if you can helps!