Author Topic: Hey Olga, it's Dimitri.  (Read 1296 times)


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Hey Olga, it's Dimitri.
« on: December 17, 2011, 10:32:55 PM »
Guy Tries To Be Suave Sound Clip and Quote

I don't know this is real or fake, but it's hilarious. The guy obviously read some book on how to pick up women, using lines like "your friends were very jealous - even if they say they weren't, they were envious of the fact that I approached you"

I love how he breaks down, as the second message progresses, without ever hearing from her. It would be great if this wasn't even "Olga's" answering machine.

My favorite line is "It's extremely passive aggressive. You should actually look that up, passive-aggressive personality disorder." I get the feeling someone's told that to Dimitri.