Author Topic: Mighty Men Monster Maker, Brain/Spaceman head tile sought...  (Read 3464 times)

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Is it true you're afraid of toys... like, all toys?

I just got my son the old toy printmaking kit Mighty Men and Monster Maker and it is missing THIS ONE tile (photo below). He's having a blast with it anyway, but I'm going OCD over the missing tile. Just missed one on eBay so it's bound to turn up somewhere, but months of waiting will either wreck my nerves or I will lose interest... not acceptable scenarios.

eBay for single tiles run about $5. If anyone has this piece and would part with it, I can PayPal on confirmation... confirmation by photo, knowledgeable retort or phone call allowing me to speak with the tile.
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Re: Mighty Men Monster Maker, Brain/Spaceman head tile sought...
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I had a similar experience. A former girlfriend loved limited use of Spirograph in her artwork. I recalled there having been a Super Spirograph set available at some point and thus began a quest. They were easy to find; however, finding one with all the assorted wheels and special curves proved to be rare (and expensive). Someone was selling two incomplete Super Spirographs on eBay so I figured between the two I would get close to a full set of wheels. And I did except for five of them. I found four on eBay that were being sold individually. That fifth one remained elusive. The quest ended at the precise moment our relationship did.

I wish you the best on your quest. I know that there are reproduction parts available for many older toys like that one. If having an authentic Tomy-manufactured tile isn't important to you that might be an easier and less expensive way to acquire the piece (assuming someone is reproducing the part).