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Re: Life after the FOT Forum
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Haven't made a big presence here as a FOT, but @erg79 on Twitter


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Re: Life after the FOT Forum
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And unless Mike doesn't want to do it, I imagine Depravity's Rainbow, the Mike Show, or something involving Mike, LDP, and various Massa's regulars will fill up the Tuesday slot. So you all might still be able to talk about a show (if not the show) on the board and have chats on Tuesday nights. I foresee a sit-down at Massa's Tavern between Ken and Mike (with Meat City Mike and Joe Puppy sitting at the table giving Ken blank stares for reasons known only to Mike) occurring sometime in the next month or so to hash things out.

Pure speculation, of course. I think it'd be a dumb move, though, if the coveted slot were given to just any DJ. From a purely financial standpoint, TBS fan base is a cash cow that can't be ignored.

All good points.

I agree. I think the only way Mike doesn't get the Tuesday night slot is if he doesn't want it. Hopefully he does.
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