Author Topic: Listening Parties: Prepare for the Glorious Post-Best-Show Future  (Read 1286 times)


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A humble suggestion for all the other folks hosting listening parties across the globe:

Mailing lists. We are doing a bang-up job bringing together local communities of FOTs, and it would be a shame not to capture some of this organizational energy.

At the Boston listening party, I'm going to be distributing a sign-up sheet for what I am tentatively calling "Boston FOTs Forever" (BFFs). My thought is, this will be a way of enabling future Best Show-related gatherings, and of passing along information relating to Tom and Jon's (and AP Mike's) post-Best Show projects (LIVE TOUR?).

Consider making a sign-up sheet available at your own gatherings tonight, and local communities of Best Show enthusiasts may yet flourish as the KISS Army of yore.

Let a hundred flowers bloom,