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« on: August 16, 2006, 07:31:26 AM »
Since Scharpling's Army went the way of the dodo, I think we need a militant arm of the FOT.  We need some name suggestions, and missions.  So far the missions I would suggest are:

1) Ithaca Kids (when is school back in?)
2) kidnap Petey and beat the mush out of his mouth
3) Dispose of Spike
Breakfast- I'm havin' a time
Wheelies- I'm havin' a time
Headlocks- I'm havin' a time
Drunk Tank- not so much a time
George St.- I'm havin' a time
Brenda- I'm havin' a time
Bingo- I'm havin' a time
House Arrest- I'm still havin' a time

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Re: FOTwa.....
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Black Ops sent in to Doctor Stupid: Neutralize all threats to the FOT.
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