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Music 2023
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This list is dedicated to Dave Vinson from Knoxville, Tennessee.

(Crosses)   Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete.   Warner; Chino from Deftones/Shaun Lopez from Far
12RODS   If We Stayed Alive   "   American Dreams/Husky Pants"
a.s.o.   a.s.o.   Low Lying Records
Accidente / Nightwatchers    Accidente / Nightwatchers Split LP   Stonehenge Records (digital 12/19/23; physical 1/30/24)
Adrenochrome   In Memorian   self-released (US)/Symphony of Destruction (France)
Adulkt Life   There Is No Desire   JABS/Our Voltage
Advertisement   Escorts   Feel It
Aesop Rock   Integrated Tech Solutions   Rhymesayers Entertainment
Alex Lahey   The Answer Is Always Yes   Liberation
Alicja-Pop   "I'm Here I'm There" b/w "Not Gonna Be Dumb" 7"   Feel It
Alien Nosejob   The Derivative Sounds Of .. Or ? A Dog Always Returns To Its Vomit   Goner/ANTI FADE
Alienator   World of Hate EP   Convulse
All Out War   Celestial Rot   Translation Loss Records
Amanda X   Keepsake EP   Self Aware Records
American Cream Band   Presents   Quindi Records
Angel Face   Angel Face + "I Can't Go Back" b​/​w "New Generator" EP   Slovenly Recordings
Axis:Sova   Blinded By Oblivion   GOD?/Drag City
Bad History Month   God Is Luck   Exploding In Sound
Bad//Dreems   HOO HA!   Farmer & The Owl Records
Bailterspace   Newspaperman   Digital release of three previously unreleased tracks
bar italia   The Twits + Tracey Denim   Matador
Barbara Manning   Charm of Yesterday​?​Convenience of Tomorrow   self-released
Baroness   Stone   Abraxan Hymns
Bedroom Eyes   Turned Away   ? La Carte Records
BEEF   BEEF   Let's Pretend
Being Dead   When Horses Would Run   Bayonet Records
Belle and Sebastian   Late Developers   Matador
Big Laugh   Consume Me   Revelation Records
BIG|BRAVE   nature morte   Thrill Jockey
billy woods & Kenny Segal   Maps   Backwoodz Studioz
Blood Incantation   Luminescent Bridge EP   Century Media
Blood Star   First Sighting   Shadow Kingdom Records
Blues Lawyer   All In Good Time + Sight Gags On The Radio EP   Dark Entries
Blush   Supercrush   No Sleep
Boris & Uniform   Bright New Disease   Sacred Bones
Borzoi   Neither The One Nor The Other, But A Mockery Of Both   12XU
Brabrabra   Mangooona   Absolutely Kosher
Bully   Lucky For You   Sub Pop
Bush Tetras   They Live in My Head   Wharf Cat Records
C.L.S.M.*    C.L.S.M. Infinity Shit   Equal Vision Records/Auxiliary Records
C.O.F.F.I.N   Australia Stops   Goner/Bad Vibrations Recordings/Damaged Record Co.
Cable Ties   All Her Plans   Poison City Records/Merge
Cannibal Corpse   Chaos Horrific   Metal Blade
Catatonic Suns   Catatonic Suns   Agitated Records
CCR Headcleaner   C L E A N E R   Orphan Age
Cel Ray   Cellular Raymond EP + Piss Park EP   MPLS Ltd + Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Chain Whip   Call of the Knife   Neon Taste Records/Drunken Sailor Records
Checkpoint   D R I F T   Erste Theke Tontraeger
Cherry Cheeks   CCLPII   Total Punk
chimers   "Generator"  b/w "Tooth" + "Turn On The Lights" b/w "Closure"   Evil Tone Records/Sound Pressing
Choncy   Community Chest   Feel It
Circus Devils   Squeeze The Needle   GBV, Inc.
Cirith Ungol   Dark Parade   Metal Blade; This group formed in 1971 and has released six albums over the past 52 years
Citizen   Calling the Dogs   Run For Cover
Citric Dummies   Zen and the Arcade of Beating Your Ass   Feel It
Civic   Taken By Force   ATO Records/Cooking Vinyl Australia
Class   If You've Got Nothing & 2-4-1   Feel It & Drunk Sailor
Collate   Generative Systems   Domestic Departure
Connections   Cool Change   Trouble In Mind
Corker   Falser Truths   Feel It/Urticaria Records/Future Shock
Crypta   Shades of Sorrow   Napalm Records/Shinigami Records/Soyuz Music/Chaos Reigns/Ward Records/Fuzz On Discos
Current Affairs   Off The Tongue   Tough Love Records
Cusp   You Can Do It All   Self-released
Cut Piece   Cut Piece 7"   Dirt Cult Records
Cuticles   Major Works + Pavlova EP   Siltbreeze / Wormwood Grasshopper Records
Dancer   Dancer EP + As Well EP   GoldMold
Danny Brown   Quaranta   Warp Records
David Nance   Shameless Kiss   Western Records
Dazy   OTHERBODY   Lame-O Records
Deathchant   Thrones   "   RidingEasy Records "
Decoration Policy   Decoration Policy digital single   self-released
Destiny Bond   Be My Vengeance   Convulse
Die Spitz   Teeth   self-released
Dippers   Clastic Rock   Goner/Tenth Court
Discreet Charms   Discreet Charms   Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes
Disintegration   Times Moves for Me   Feel It
Display Homes   What If You're Right And They're Wrong   Erste Theke Tontraeger
Diztort   Vengeance Is Mine   Advanced Perspective Records
Dokken   Heaven Comes Down   Silver Lining Music
Dragnet   The Accession   Spoilsport/Polaks
Drop Nineteens   Hard Light   Wharf Cat Records
Elliot Fullam   Ends of Ways   Kill Rock Stars
En Attendant Ana    Principia   Trouble In Mind
Erik Nervous   Immaturity   Feel It/FatCat Records
Extreme   Six   Ear Music/Edel Family Member
Eyes and Flys   Swirl Maps   self-relased
Eyes and Flys/Personal Style   "Labor Day" / "White Strawberries" split 7   self-released?
FACS   Still Life In Decay   Trouble In Mind
False Fed    Let Them Eat Cake   Neurot Recordings ; features current Discharge vocalist Jeff Janiak, Amebix guitarist Stig Miller, and drummer Roy Mayorga (Nausea, Ministry, Amebix final lineup)
Famous Mammals   Instant Pop Expressionism Now!   Siltbreeze
Fastbacks   "A Quiet Night" b/w "Outer Spaced" 7"   No Threes Records
feeble little horse   Girl with Fish   Saddle Creek
Feeling Figures   Migration Magic   K/Perennial
Fever Ray   Radical Romantics   Mute/Rabid Records
Fiddlehead   Death Is Nothing To Us   Run For Cover
Fir Cone Children   The Urge To Overtake Time   Blackjack Illuminist Records
Flat Worms   Witness Marks   GOD?/Drag City
Frankie Rose   Love As Projection   Slumberland/NIGHT SCHOOL
Frida Kill   Kill! Kill!   Get Better
Frozen Soul   Glacial Domination   Century Media
Fucked Up   One Day   Merge
Fugitive   "Blast Furnace" b/w "Standoff" 7"   20 Buck Spin [Blake from Power Trip]
Fugitive Bubble   Delusion   Stucco/Impotent Fetus
Full of Hell/Nothing   When No Birds Sang   Closed Casket Activities
G.U.N.   G.U.N.   Sorry State
Gaadge   Somewhere Down Below   Crafted Sounds/Michi Tapes
Gee Tee   Goodnight Neanderthal   Goner
Gel   Only Constant   Convulse
Geld   Currency // Castration   Relapse
Genesis Owusu   Struggler   Ourness, AWAL
Gentilesky   Gentilesky   HoZac Records
Glittering Insects   Glittering Insects   Mind Meld; features Greg King (GG King, Carbonas), Ryan Bell (GG King, Predator), and Josh Feigert (Wymyns Prysyn, GG King)
Godflesh   Purge   Avalanche Recordings
Good Looking Son   Confirmed Bachelor   Feel It
Guardian Singles   Feed Me To The Doves   Trouble In Mind
Guided By Voices   La La Land + Welshpool Frillies + Nowhere To Go But Up   GBV, Inc. [GBV albums # 37, 38, and 39]
Gumm   Slogan Machine   Convulse
Gym Tonic   Good Job   Phantom Records/Destructure
Hard Copy   12 Shots of Nature   Feel It
Healing & Peace   Healing & Peace   self-released?
Heaven's Gate   Heaven's Gate EP   Beach Impediment/Break The Records
Hey Colossus   In Blood   Wrong Speed Records
HINI/Litovsk   Split EP   Bad Health Records
Home Front   Games Of Power   La Vida Es Un Mus
Homeboy Sandman   Rich + Still Champion   Dirty Looks/Novelty + Mellow Music Group
Honolulu High   Plays The Secret Names   Just Because Records and Tapes
Horrendous   Ontological Mysterium   Season of Mist
Hotline TNT   Cartwheel   Third Man Records
Hurry   Don?t Look Back   Lame-O Records
Ibex Clone   All Channels Clear   Goner
Insane Urge   My America   Down South Tapes
Institute   Ragdoll Dance   Roach Leg Records
Jeff Rosenstock   HELLMODE   Polyvinyl
Jesus Piece   ? So Unknown   Century Media
Jolie Laide   Jolie Laide   "   Oscar St. Records "
JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown   Scaring The Hoes   self-released
Judiciary   Flesh + Blood   Closed Casket Activities
KEN Mode   Void   Artoffact Records/Locust Hail
Killing Joke   "Full Spectrum Dominance" single   Spinefarm Records; RIP Geordie Walker
King Tuff   Smalltown Stardust   Sub Pop
Koyo   Would You Miss It?   Pure Noise
KRUELTY   Untopia   Profound Lore; aptly self-described as "disgusting music from Tokyo, Japan."
Kvelertak   Endling   Rise Records/Petroleum Records/W?rld Rec?rds
Labasheeda   Blueprints   Drums & Wires/Presto Chango
Last Quokka   Red Dirt   Noise Merchant Records
Lewsberg   Out And About   12XU
Liturgy   93696   Thrill Jockey
Lothario   "Hogtied" b/w "King Rat" + "Doggy" b/w "Missing Person" + "Drunk Fuck" b/w "Black Hair" singles   Winter Garden Records/Good Grief/Under The Gun
Luxor Rentals   Burn Yr Trash   self-released
Mac Krol   "For Some Other Reason" b/w "Fair Warning" and "What Would You Say"   Merge
Mach-Hommy / Tha God Fahim   Notorious Dump Legends: Volume 2   Nature Sounds
Majesties   Vast Reaches Unclaimed   20 Buck Spin
Marnie Stern   The Comeback Kid   Joyful Noise Recordings
MARRIED FM   MARRIED FM   self-released
Mary Jane Dunphe   Stage of Love   Pop Wig Records
mauve   About The Weather   Really Rad Reocrds
Meat Shirt   Army of Dolphins   Phantom Records/Destructure
Medicine   Silences   Laner Archival Service
Melanas   Ahora   Trouble In Mind/Mushroom Pillow
Mermaidens   Mermaidens   self-released
Metal Church   Congregation Of Annihilation   Rat Pak Records
Metallica   72 Seasons   Blackened
Militarie Gun   Life Under the Gun   Loma Vista
Mo Dotti   "For Anyone And You" b/w "Late August Early September"   self-released
Model/Actriz   Dogsbody   True Panther
Mother?s Milk    Render Void At Gate   State Laughter; Led by  Crane Fortune (GG King, Glittering Insects, Wymyns Prysyn, etc.).
Motor!k   4   Out Of Line
Motorbike   Motorbike   Feel It
Mountain Goats   Jenny from Thebes   Merge
MSPAINT   Post-American   Convulse
Mudhoney   Plastic Eternity   Sub Pop
Mutant Strain   Murders of Crows   Sorry State
Mutoid Man   Mutants   Sargent House
Myrkur    Spine   Relapse
Nag   Human Coward Coyote   Convulse
Narrow Head   Moments of Clarity + split 7" with Momma   Run For Cover
Nervosa   Jailbreak   Napalm Records/Shinigami Records/Soyuz Music/Chaos Reigns/Fuzz On Discos
New Vogue   Waiting Daze   Sound Salvation Music
Nina Nastasia & Marissa Paternoster   "This Is Love" b​/​w "You Were So Mad"   "   Temporary Residence Limited "
Ninth Circle   Dis, Emerge   Todo Destruido/Esos Malditos Punks
No Drama   No Drama   Hidden Bay/Seitan?s Hell Bike Punks
No Time   Suffer No Fool   TKO Records/Mendeku Diskak/Gone Blind Records
Norm Archer   Splitting the Bill   Panda Koala
Northern Liberties   Self-Dissolving Abandoned Universe   self-released
Obituary   Dying of Everything   Relapse
Olivia Rodrigo   GUTS   Geffen Records
Onyon   Last Days On Earth   Trouble In Mind
Oozing Wound   We Cater To Cowards   Thrill Jockey
Optic Sink   Glass Blocks   Feel It
Osees   Intercepted Message   In The Red
Outer Heaven   Infinite Psychic Depths   Relapse
Overkill   Scorched   Nuclear Blast
PACKS   Crispy Crunchy Nothing   Fire Talk
Panopticon   The Rime Of Memory   Birdrune Recordings
pardoner   Peace Loving People   Bar/None Records
Patio   Collection   Fire Talk
Peace Talks   Progress   Peterwalkee Records
Pest Control   Don't Test The Pest   Quality Control HQ
Pile   All Fiction   Exploding In Sound
Pile of Love    Super Sometimes EP   Paper & Wax
PIPE   Pipe   Third Uncle Records; first album since 1997, band features original Superchunk drummer Chuck Garrison
PJ Harvey   I Inside The Old Year Dying   Partisan Records
Pleaser   Pleaser   Part Time Records
Poison Ru?n    H​?​rvest   Relapse
Prison Affair   Versiones Talegueras Cassette Single   Under The Gun Records
Private Mind   The Truth You See   Triple-B Records
Prong   State of Emergency   Steamhammer/SPV; Recent Prong releases have been pretty good, but Tommy Victor's 13th Prong long-player is the best since 1994's Cleansing. Positively thrilling.
Protomarytr   Formal Growth In The Desert   Domino
Public Body   Big Mess   FatCat Records
Puffer   Puffer EP   Roach Leg Records
Punter   Punter   Drunken Sailor
R. Ring    War Poems/We Rested   Don Giovanni
R.A.F.    No Salvation   No Time Records; Omaha punk band featuring local legend and YouTube fixture Dereck Higgins on bass. The band formed in 1985, released a cassette in 1987, and returned 36 years later for a new album and some likely last-ever live shows
R.M.F.C.   Club Hits   Urge Records/ANTI FADE
Ragana   Desolation's Flower   The Flenser
Raspberry Bulbs   The World Is Empty, The Heart Is Full   Hospital Productions
Rat Columns   Babydoll   Tough Love Records
Rata Negra   Bien Triste 7"   La Vida Es Un Mus
Red Herrings   Zax Armoire   Dot Dash Sounds
Rid of Me   Access To The Lonely   Knife Hits Records; instant noise-rock classic
Rob I. Miller   Companion Piece   Vacant Stare; from Blues Lawyer
rocky   rocky   Lulu?s Sonic Disc Club; features Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow, Green Child)
Scowl   Psychic Dance Routine   Flatspot Records
Scream    DC Special   Dischord
Screaming Females   Desire Pathway   Don Giovanni; RIP
screensaver   Decent Shapes   Upset The Rhythm/Poison City
seablite   Lemon Lights   Mt. St. Mtn.
Sentinel    Age of Decay   Convulse
Sharkswimmer   Serenity   Really Rad Reocrds
Sharp Pins   Turtle Rock   Hallogallo Tapes/Tall Texan
Sick Thoughts   Born To Blitzkrieg EP   ROKK Records
Silicone Prairie   Vol. II   Feel It
Sin Offering   Charnel House EP   Sound Grotesca
Slowdive   everything is alive   Dead Oceans
Smoulder   Violent Creed Of Vengeance   Cruz Del Sur Music
Smug Brothers   In the Book of Bad Ideas   Anyway Records
smut   18 Tons   self-released?
Snooper   Super Sn​?​?​per + "Company Car" and "Waste"   Third Man Records
Spiral Dub   Spiral Dub   Sanctuary Moon
Spirit Adrift   Ghost At The Gallows   Century Media
Spiritual Cramp   Spiritual Cramp   Blue Grape Music
SPLLIT   Infinite Hatch   Feel It/Tough Gum
Squitch   Tumbledown Mountain   self-released
Stigmatism   Ignorance In Power   Static Shock/Toxic State
Stress Positions   Harsh Reality   Three One G
Stuck   Freak Frequency   Born Yesterday Records
Sunwatchers   Music Is Victory Over Time   Trouble In Mind
Surveillance   More Than One, Less Than Zero   Various_____/Celluloid Lunch Records
Sweeping Promises   Good Living is Coming for You   Feel It
Taking Meds   Dial M For Meds   Smartpunks Records
Tee Vee Repairmann   What's On TV?   Total Punk
Teenage Tom Petties   Hotbox Daydreams   Repeating Cloud/Safe Suburban Home
Temple of Angels   Endless Pursuit   Run For Cover
Terry   Call Me Terry   Upset! The Rhythm/ANTI FADE
Tha God Fahim   Tha Supreme Hoarder Of All Pristine Wealth + Iron Bull   Nature Sounds
thanks for coming   What is My Capacity to Love   Danger Collective; Rachel Brown of Water from Your Eyes
The Armed   Perfect Saviors   Sargent House
The Clientele   I Am Not There Any More   Merge
The Cowboys   Sultan of Squat   Feel It
The Drin   Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom + 37 Buried At Helltown (live album)   Feel It/Drunken Sailor/Future Shock
The Judges   Judgement Day   Total Punk
The Lewers   518A   Lulus Sonic Disc Club
The Lost Days   In The Store   "   Speakeasy Studios SF"
The Native Cats   The Way On Is The Way Off   Chapter Music
The New Pornographers   Continue As A Guest   Merge
The Serfs   Half Eaten by Dogs   Trouble In Mind
The Side Eyes   What's Your Problem?   In The Red
The Smashing Times   This Sporting Life   K/Perennial
The Sundae Painters    Sundae Painters   Leather Jacket Records
The Toads   In The Wilderness   ANTI FADE/Upset The Rhythm!
The Tubs   Dead Meat   Trouble In Mind
The Unknowns   East Coast Low   Bargain Bin Records
Tozcos   Infernal   Toxic State
Trash Knife   Weird Daze   Big Neck Records
Tree   FREE TREE   self-released?
TV Star   Hallucinate Me + TV3 EP   Painter Man Records
Tyvek    Overground   Ginkgo Records
UNIFLORA   Plastic Sturgeon EP    self-released?
Upchuck   Bite The Hand That Feeds   Famous Class
Upper Wilds   Jupiter   Thrill Jockey
Vangas   Vangas   The Label That Shall Not Be Named
Vanishing Twin   Afternoon X   Fire Records
Vantage Point   Against Myself   Triple-B Records
Venemous Concept   The Good Ship Lollipop   Decibel Records/Graphite Records/Extrinsic Recordings
Verst?rker   Jenseits   Fuzz Club Records; Kentucky krautrock!
Vintage Crop   "Springtime" b/w "Mercenary" 7"   Upset! The Rhythm/ANTI FADE
Waste Man   Waste Man EP   Feel It
Water From Your Eyes   Everyone's Crushed   Matador
Wednesday    Rat Saw God   Dead Oceans
Weird Spirit   You Are the Architect + "Black Adder"   self-released; the L.A.-based band formerly known as Specter Exits delivers one of the year's best records. Looking forward to securing physical copies in 2024.
Wet Dip   Smell of Money   Feel It
White Beast   Suffering Time   self-released?
White Reaper   Asking for a Ride   Elektra
Why Bother?   Calling All Goons + A City of Unsolved Mysteries   Feel It
Will Haven   VII   Minus Head Records/Sludgelord Records
wimps   City Lights   Youth Riot Records
Winger   Seven   Frontiers Music SRL/Avalon/Shinigami Records
Wireheads   Potentially Venus   Tenth Court
Wishy   Paradise EP   Winspear
Wolves in the Throne Room   Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge   Relapse
Wurld Series   The Giant's Lawn   Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream
Yfory   Yfory 7" EP   Static Age Musik
Yo La Tengo   This Stupid World   Matador
Zulu   A New Tomorrow   Flatspot Records
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