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Re: Sick yet funny yet quick.
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I tend to agree with T-Rocks, this stuff shouldn't be hidden away or denied an audience.

I do disagree with the sensationalism of it all, it's been four days and it's still hogging the front page despite far worse things having happened since then. There's going to be months of hand wringing, memorialisation, expert asessments, books published, Oprah interviews, tribute songs, a few edgey punk songs but ultimately the complete demonisation of someone who was clearly mentally ill. And he was clearly mentally ill, detained for a psychiatric assessment in 2005, reported to the police twice for stalking women.

His English prefessor knew it -

"After becoming concerned with his behavior and the themes in his writings, the professor started meeting with Cho to work with him one-on-one. She said she was concerned for her safety when she met with him. After notifying the legal authorities about his behavior, the professor urged Cho to seek counseling, but he refused."

She tried and failed. His poetry professor knew something too -

"Professor Nikki Giovanni, who taught Cho in a poetry class and had him removed from her class because his behavior was so menacing, called the idea that Cho was troubled "crap," and described him as "mean." When informed of the massacre, she remarked, "I knew when it happened that that's probably who it was," and "I would have been shocked if it wasn't.""

I know which one I think deserves to look back on this incident without compunction.

The pro and anti gun lobby will cancel each other out as each uses this incident for the furtherment of their own agenda. The "quiet loner" types will be further ostracized by their peers and by colleges themselves as draconain kneejerk laws are enforced. Meanwhile, as in this case, people with mental health issues and the public at large will be failed by an ineffectual, profit driven healthcare system.

If you're still in any doubt that this guy was ill, watch the videos.
There's a makeshift memorial in Blacksburg, 32 stones "one for every innocent victim", if you ask me they're a stone short.

John Junk

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Re: Sick yet funny yet quick.
« Reply #16 on: April 19, 2007, 03:10:07 PM »
I regret using the term "lunatics".  That was a particularly dumb term to use considering the fact that I work on a college campus and I actually know and am friendly with someone who has mental health problems and a disorder that has already gotten her suspended from the school so she can undergo psychological evaluation (which really needed to happen, actually).

Re: Virginia Tech and Aftermath --I agree that there will be destructive fallout and paranoia about this incident. Staff members at the school I work at have already made the ridiculous suggestion that security carry guns and wear bulletproof vests.  The entire student body is about 1300 people.  That's like less than a tenth of Virginia Tech's student body. 

That's all I got on this one.


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Re: Sick yet funny yet quick.
« Reply #17 on: April 21, 2007, 04:24:25 PM »
I've pretty much been ignoring this story this week since there seemed to be an overflow of terrible news around. Best to hide my head in the sand.

Anywhoo, I'm currently taking 5-1 bets that this guy's toxicology shows him to have been on at least one SSRI. It's gonna be fun to see Pfizer try and spin this one.

Interestingly enough, Google only produces 8 results for this query:

"Seung-Hui Cho" +toxicology