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Re: 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos Video
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Even though I linked this, I am just watching this now!


1) The Star Wars spoof into -- WTF? Master Claarrg? I'm assuming that this is some dumb Juggalo thing. Nothing's coming up on Google and I don't feel like putting in my new AOL CD to get into a Ninjaz chat room to find out. (Unless it's part of some running narrative!)

2) "Goooood time and harrrd rhymes!' Planet Earf might just be the spot for these blue-tinted aliens.

3) It's also good to seee Sugar Slam back. She's been the best part of the extended GOTJ infomercials. My favorite was when Ron Jeremy was doing something at one of these events and she said "He really does have some great dick jokes" so incredibly earnest. If memory serves correct, she also says in one of the vids that she went to the same high school as Tila Tequilla. She probably has a really fascinating autobiography in her at some point -- WTF does she do when she's not participating in these videos?

4) I don't necessarilly disagree with 3JGray's rant on the state of mainstream music. (Also -- a few seconds before his rant, he scratches his chin with a lobster claw.) On some level, I do have a shred of respect for ICP in that they have been able to create this huge empire on their own. On the other hand, it's music by rapping clowns made for people who want soda sprayed in their eyes.

5) I love the warning that ICP will close out the festival "if anyone is still alive." That's really not hyperbole. Seriously -- would anyone bat an eye if there was something at the Gathering that resulted in a few dozen deaths? Like some crank-fueled ninja starts swinging a meat cleaver during Haystack's set? And there's no doubt in my mind that if there was something that caused a bunch of deaths at this dumb thing, ICP would STILL close it out.

6) I love the new sub-genre of ICP music called "death funk" pioneered by Blaze Ya Dead Homie. This would be a great idea for the next inspiring Girl Talk -- some kind of mixture of Deicide and Funkadelic. I don't think BYDH's style is what I think death funk should sound like, though.

7) I plan on doing some more research into Anybody Killa, who has a Native American motif, and is actually a Native American if his wikipedia page is to be believed. He conjures spirits!

8) "The album title appropirately named Eat Shit'n'Die." (NOTE: Who the hell is doing the voice over for this? What the hell is this guy's career like?)

9) CKY being named as "all-time" anything is a pretty big stretch. SO glad that KMK didn't pawn off their musical equipment, too, so they can return home! And Juvenile, who will obstensibly be perforimg the 47-minute long version of "Back That Azz Up".

10) Midway games run by "real low-life carny scrubs that just want your cash." Terrifying helicopter rides with presmably drunk pilots!

11) The chances of a sex crime being performed during Kitty's set is as close to 100% as possible. OH! George Clinton and P-Funk! THERE COULD ACTUALLY BE LEGITIMATE DEATH FUNK IF SOMEONE HITS THAT DUDE IN THE DIAPER WITH A CAR BATTERY!

12) "This juggalo movement is unlike anything Earf has ever seen" shown as a guy with a tattoo on his neck of a clown swinging an axe hoots for the camera. "Why is it so easy to get laid? Why is it that the respect that the attendees have for each other is so immense?" That's a pretty interesting juxtaposition right there. Some feminist studies grad student should really do a "Feminist Perspective at the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos" research paper.

13) "Hog Daddy's Hell Fire" -- apparently one of the guard apes from Planet of the Apes just stares at a random fire set in some garbage. FOUR Juggalo Love Trains! I have no idea what that means but it's awesome. Also -- I would do absolutely anything to see footage of the open mic night. Can you imagine being trapped in an Inflatable Moon Bounce with these people, especially if it flies through the air like that one that did on CNN last week?

14) Brian Psoehn! Harlan Williams of "Big Money Hustlas" fame! JJ! And wrestlers doing comedy! I knew Colt Cabana had to be involved in this somehow (he's a really funny guy and also cagey enough to grab this paycheck). King Kong Bundy's also apparently done some open mic work in South Jersey.

15) "The mosh pit is going to be the size of nine football fields when Saliva takes the stage." The lobster claw west side gang sign during the Ice Cube intro is also fantastic.

16) Juggalo Championship Wrestling TRYOUTS! Matt Marquee, are you reading this? The chances of someone dying at this thing are now 100% -- some big fatso who has spent the past three days/two nights high on a combination of homemade Four Loko derivatives and boiled back pain pills and trying to do wrestling is guaranteed to end with the absolute worst possible outcome.

17) Corporal Robinson and Kevin Gill aren't exactly giving credibility to the athleticism of professional wrestling. I do want to see a cactus used as a weapon, though. The "legends" of wrestling are a pretty great collection of wash-ups. Corp and KG also talk a LOT with their hands.

18) A candle-lit seminar from the turd from Ghosthunters International!

19) I'm most excited for the potential of "Ill E. Gal" of all the potential breakouts of the "truly underground."

I nearly sold my wife on going to this last year and then she saw some footage and forbid me from even going to the parking lot at the Electric Factory in Philly the night Twizted was playing. I don't think I can fit it in my 2011 summer plans this year.
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Re: 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos Video
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Jimmie  Walker cannot get enough!

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Re: 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos Video
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On the other hand, it's music by rapping clowns made for people who want soda sprayed in their eyes.

That's all, just

On the other hand, it's music by rapping clowns made for people who want soda sprayed in their eyes.
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Re: 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos Video
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It is within easy driving distance for me, but I can't see doing it. I mentioned it to somebody jokingly last year and it turned out a relative of hers was involved in the event at some level and she could get me a deal on admission and such. That was a bit awkward.


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Re: 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos Video
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Fudge, moi had more Total Plays, @ original, than ICP had.