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creepy callers
« on: September 07, 2012, 02:25:34 AM »
the MitHamine guy is the caller from later years that i've found the most unpleasant to listen to. there was always an odd quality with this guy where it sounded like he was not talking to Tom but rather a huge, imagined audience in his head. He was clearly just trying to further his own agenda, paying lip service to get a platform for his awful band but more importantly himself and his viewpoint.
In the last call he had apparently come to the conclusion that there's "no point" in doing art anymore, not just for himself but for everyone, art was over. My own theory is that he didn't get the attention he wanted with the band and therefore just gave up, but he came up with a speech about obama drones being the reason and then getting hung up on. I understand he was trying to explain why the world was such a dreadful place that there was no point in doing art anymore, but to use drones as the first example of this seems pretty weak.


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Re: creepy callers
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Are you going to call in next week?